Strong leaders create connection

Foster leadership within your organization

and cultivate connected leaders

Leadership in complex times requires careful attention. In our leadership programs, we facilitate all leaders within the organization, from board members to team leaders, to develop the ability to connect and inspire their teams, the organization and the environment. In order to create sustainable transformation and growth in your organization connected leaders are crucial. 

We employ three phases in our programs:


Leadership is based on a solid foundation of connection with yourself. It starts with truly knowing yourself beyond the layers of behavior, attitudes, identity, and values. After that, as an authentic leader, you can establish a connection with others and collaboratively achieve sustainable change.

Me and You

Leading others is about connecting with the other, without losing connection to oneself. In the 1 on 1 connection we learn how to coach on personal development, well-being, skills and performance. Leading others is about understanding the (system) of the team. We learn how to lead change, how to overcome resistance and how to lead by example.


Organizations are social systems. An organization cannot change unless its people do. Real change, change that is sustainable and benefits all stakeholders, does not happen from the outside; it comes from within. Leaders learn to make meaningful connections with those around us, the teams we work with - and ultimately in this phase- the environment to achieve our goals. 

Creating connection

is what we aim for; with yourself, the other and the world around you

Psychological safety

is the cornerstone of everything what we do in our programs

Measuring success

before, during, & after is essential to achieve our intended outcomes

How do we build our leadership programs?

It's a journey

Every program we develop mirrors a transformative journey, guiding leaders through three distinct phases: 'Me', 'Me and You', and 'We'. Just as travelers fill their backpacks with essential supplies, leaders progressively accumulate knowledge and experiences along the way. Join us on this dynamic expedition towards personal and collective growth.

Blended learning pathways

Each individual learns in their own way. hat's why we offer a wide array of learning formats—including offline and online sessions, group and team activities, peer and buddy interactions, cross-generational exchanges, and personalized one-on-one sessions. Our aim is to ensure that every leader discovers and engages with their preferred method of learning within the program. Additionally, we place great importance on acknowledging the varying levels of experience and responsibilities among participants.

Nature' impact

We remove leaders from their daily working environment and incorporate nature extensively into our programs because it cultivates creativity, resilience, and holistic well-being among participants. Additionally, it facilitates our progress in connecting with ourselves during phase 1, 'Me'.

Leaders are responsible for 3 key streams

In today's world, leaders are responsible for navigating three key streams, which we integrate into the development of our leadership programs: Leading Culture, Leading Performance & Leading Change. Read more below.

Connected leadership skills

While guiding leaders through the three  phases: 'Me', 'Me and You', and 'We', they learn a diverse set of leadership skills. Such as Connected communication, Effective teamwork, Value driven leadership, Diversity and inclusion, Storytelling, and at the foundation of all this Building a Psychological safe culture

Leaders are responsible for navigating three key streams:

Leading culture

Leaders play a pivotal role in cultivating the desired behaviors in your organization.

Leading performance

Connected leaders create an environment for people to speak up, engage in constructive conflicts, hold each other accountable and excel as a team.

Leading change

Connected leaders offer the direction needed to bolster agility, adaptability, and resilience, enabling the organization to undergo sustainable transformation effectively.