Strength-based culture

A strength-based organizational culture focuses on continuous development of potential, resulting in higher engagement, personal growth, and success.

Discover your goals, values, and behaviors. Define ambition and identify cultural challenges for success. These answers unveil your unique and powerful organizational culture. Nurture and develop this for a competitive advantage. Benefits include:

  • Up to 18% improvement in performance and productivity
  • Up to 10% improved customer orientation
  • Up to 73% less employee turnover
  • Up to 23% more engagement

People who leverage their talents are six times more likely to be engaged at work, six times more likely to do what they are good at, and three times more likely to have a high quality of life.

Cultural Journey

A successful cultural journey begins with discovering organizational qualities and building a strong foundation. Awareness and interpretation of unique strengths lead to engagement. Employees become engaged by recognizing and connecting with the identity, vision, and purpose of the organization.

The journey involves exploring organizational themes, reflecting on binding factors, establishing or assessing core values (utilizing the Barrett Values Scan), and making clear agreements. At the tipping point, the organizational purpose is determined, and concrete goals are set. This foundation forms the basis for strategy and periodic review.

Our Approach

In co-creation, we develop the cultural journey based on needs, with a focus on support and engagement. A diverse design team ensures progress and vision clarity. We conduct one-on-one interviews and group sessions, taking care of, guiding, and advising. Project duration and intensity are tailored, and we assist in translating the vision into daily practices.