Organizational Constellations

Discover the underlying dynamics in your organization

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An organizational constellation is a specific application of constellation work within an organizational context. It is a method used to gain insight into the dynamics and underlying patterns within an organization, such as teams, departments, companies, or other entities. During an organizational constellation, participants are invited to take positions that correspond to different aspects of the organization, such as employees, departments, goals, products, or even abstract concepts such as culture or vision.

By observing this constellation, participants and facilitators can perceive the underlying dynamics within the organization, such as communication problems, power dynamics, conflicts, and workflow blockages. This allows them to gain insight into what is happening and how these dynamics influence the performance and well-being of the organization.

Organizational constellations can be used for various purposes, including improving team dynamics, resolving conflicts, identifying strategic issues, optimizing work processes, and promoting growth and development within the organization.

An organizational constellation can be applied within a specific team, across multiple departments, and for the entire organization. This is a customized process. For more information, please contact us personally.

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