Family Constellations

Breaking repetitive behavioral patterns:

An invitation for you!

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Patterns in family systems are passed down from generation to generation. With the help of family constellations, invisible underlying dynamics in the family system are made visible. A family constellation helps to understand and change patterns that you've been struggling with for years in life, but haven't been able to adjust.

Are you experiencing challenges in your personal or work life? Do you feel hindered by something in your daily life, continuously crossing your boundaries, or carrying a lot of responsibility? A family constellation can provide you with valuable insights into your unconscious patterns and help you find your place again.

On September 26, 2024, YourConnector is organizing a family constellation day from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm in Amersfoort (Koetshuis Randenbroek), including a delicious lunch. During this day, we will guide a family constellation for you or you can participate as a representative in a family constellation. It's a very effective method to get to the core, and anyone can do it.

Would you like to join as a questioner (€295, including VAT) or as a representative (€85, including VAT) on September 26? Sign up now, as there are only 12 spots available. The family constellation day will be facilitated by Nicole Solleveld and Lizzy Zwiers.

The spoken language is Dutch.