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Reestablish connection and trust with each other

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In situations where intensive collaboration is necessary, unspoken frustrations and irritations can hinder the motivation and results of the team. There is a lack of connection and trust, and communication often occurs about others rather than with each other.

Team coaching offers an opportunity to break this dynamic and create space for achieving shared goals. The coaching process is designed specifically to address the team's needs. This includes individual coaching for the leader.

An essential part of team coaching is promoting a safe environment and facilitating open and authentic conversation within the team. This involves exploring the underlying causes of the situation, acknowledging everyone's role in it, and teaching connecting skills that empower the team to support itself in the future. Together, new agreements are formulated, fostering genuine connection and appreciation for each other's talents.

CliftonStrengths (Gallup) can be integrated into team coaching to identify the talents of each team member.

Additionally, organizational constellations may be included in the process to reveal and break open underlying dynamics (from the past).

Team coaching takes place at all levels within the organization. This is a customized process. For more information, please contact us personally.

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