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You are facing personal or professional challenges and are seeking ways to overcome these obstacles and achieve your goals. These may be issues that have gone unnoticed for some time, recurring patterns that you cannot seem to break, or a conscious choice to further develop yourself.

A coaching session offers the opportunity to address your specific issues. Together, we explore the core of your question, delving deeper step by step to achieve your goals.

It's important to know that many of the challenges you face stem from patterns rooted in your family system. These patterns may manifest in various aspects of your life, such as relationships, family, and work. By raising awareness and accepting these patterns, you create the conditions necessary to fully unfold yourself.

In addition to addressing systemic patterns, it's also essential to work on other skills necessary for growth. This includes perseverance, discipline, courage, the ability to connect with others, resilience, enthusiasm, and belief in yourself and others.

Finally, a CliftonStrengths (Gallup) assessment will be conducted to identify your talents.

These aspects will also be addressed during the coaching sessions to help you reconnect fully with yourself.

1 on 1 coaching packages

3x coaching of 1,5 hours

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6x coaching of 1,5 hours

6x coaching of 1,5 hours including family constellation