About Nicole & Aleid

We are making connection the norm within organizations

Who are we?

In 2012, YourConnector was founded by Nicole Solleveld. 1 year later, she met Aleid Haenen and they joined forces to further expand YourConnector. Meanwhile, for over 11 years, we have been guiding organizations in the fields of (personal) leadership, culture, and employer branding. We do this with an experienced team of 17 professionals, each bringing different strengths, see Our team.

Nicole Solleveld's Introduction:

I was 22 years old when I started as a management trainee at ING. Three years later, I founded YourConnector (2012). In a predominantly business-oriented and male environment, as a young woman, I experienced quite a lot. Where my masculine strengths predominated for a long time and helped YourConnector grow rapidly over the past years. But on the other hand, it also cost me a lot of energy because I wasn't firmly grounded in my inner self, couldn't fully be myself, and felt like I had to wear a different mask every time. At the age of 31, my husband became seriously ill, leukemia, and I was just pregnant with my first child. Because of this intense experience, I had to turn inward, and ultimately, I could rediscover my feminine strengths. Nowadays, I combine my feminine and masculine strengths because that's how I am the best version of myself.

Aleid Haenen's Introduction:

With a father and mother who were psychologists, I had a great fascination for people as a child, which developed during my psychology studies into a huge interest in developing people so that they can become the best version of themselves. This passion has driven me to help people flourish through YourConnector with great pleasure and dedication over the past years. By now, I know that flourishing solely means getting to know yourself deeply. Who do I want to be as a mother, woman, leader, as a human being? This is a beautiful and sometimes frustrating process, one that I enjoy guiding others through, and where the search for (balance as) myself as an entrepreneur, young mother, a man with a demanding job just like mine, always continues, keeping me sharp to constantly return to who I am at the core in all these different roles.


In 2017 and 2018, YourConnector was among the 100 fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands (FD Gazellen). As a female entrepreneur, Nicole Solleveld was nominated for the Amsterdam Entrepreneur Award (top 10) in 2017.

Additionally, Nicole and Aleid were featured in the top 50 of the Female Founders to Watch list in 2019 (The Next Women).

Since 2023, the successful YourConnector podcast for leaders has been launched. In the podcasts, we engage in conversations with interesting guests about personal development, consciousness, and authenticity.

About us

We see...

...a significant (generational) shift within the world of work, where development, compassion for one another, and being able to truly be yourself have become more important than ever.

We believe...

...in the power and importance of being connected with oneself. Even at work. Especially at work. This not only ensures that everyone's deepest potential thrives within organizations but also that people can truly flourish together.

We strive for...

...a world where connection within organizations is the norm. Organizations where people are invited to be fully themselves. A safe work environment where compassion for one another is the guiding principle, joy is the measure, and collective success is the result.